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It’s kinda like doing a Google search. Except you don’t stare at a screen for 2 hours... and still come up with nothing.

Flowjo gets you away from your device, and finds your brilliant ideas.

Discover answers to your toughest business problems with flowjo 

When it comes to marketing and growth “hacks”, do you sometimes feel like everyone has it figured out, but you?

You know you’re smart and capable. But you get caught by surprise with an unexpected task or big project -- and you realize you have NO IDEA where to start. 

So you go to Google. (Of course.) 

  • Read industry blogs 
  • Follow the gurus 
  • Try to piece together the right steps for you 

But after hours in front of the computer screen, you’re still flying blind, not sure what to do next. 

If you look at the most innovative players in your industry - whether it’s e-commerce, tech, consultancies - you’ll find that their growth doesn’t rely on futile searches online.

Truly groundbreaking growth comes from tapping into your best, most accessible source of knowledge and experience.

It’s YOU, your team, your customers. And here’s what it looks like... 

Challenging the status quo in your own business or your clients’ businesses, so you get an outpouring of fresh ideas. 

Getting your team together for brainstorming and collaborating. 

Breaking open your old packages and systems - and bundling them in new, inventive ways. 

It’s about taking action, one simple growth hack at a time.

Introducing the


A powerful little box of 100 tested and proven growth hacks for marketers, entrepreneurs and consultants. 

As seen on Mashable, Hubspot and Shopify.

“Turn idea-generation from a potentially frustrating situation into a quick, fun activity.”

"You’ve been working on the same project for a long time. Maybe it’s your project. Maybe it’s your client’s project. You need fresh ideas to revitalize your growth efforts, but aren’t sure what to do next, or don’t have the time to read the latest industry blogs to gather ideas. This is where Tiffany’s flowjo cards come in... These cards are a great way to determine areas where you can still direct efforts, no matter how long you’ve been working on a project."

~ Nichole Elizabeth 
DeMeré SaaS Consultant & Customer Success Evangelist, Founder of Authentic Curation

Flowjo was created by


I created flowjo to solve a problem I experienced regularly during my ten years of growth marketing. The problem would start with facing a task I didn’t know how to tackle. 

Of course when you don’t know what to do, you go to Google. I would spend hours searching and get overwhelmed by everything I would find. 

It turns out that most of the digital marketing people I asked faced the same problem - they all felt they were wasting their time and getting very little out of their research.

So I built a document with all of the growth hacks I had ever used. And after I was done... I still felt overwhelmed!

That was when I realized I needed to write each hack on its own flashcard. It helped me to stay focused, and to keep insights and facts organized. It also helped me get away from my computer, and feel more relaxed. 

I decided to give a box of my flashcards to a group of digital marketers - the response was amazing. They shared cards, they talked about how it would work at their companies and they started coming up with great ideas. 

That’s how the flowjo Growth Hacking Box was born. It’s worked for me to break through some difficult growth challenges, and I know it can work for you too.

What’s inside your 
Flowjo Growth Hacking Box?

100 cards to spark curiosity in your marketing. Simplified to 6 areas of your business.


Find out where your biggest fans are hiding

Untap hidden markets and nail down your target audience. 

Increase your street cred with influencer marketing. 

Find your brand voice and tell your origin story.


Turn cold visitors into loyal customers

Build a better customer journey. 

Try out a simple A/B test. 

Enhance offers with bundling, upsells, and downsells.


Be so good, they keep coming back for more 

Know your weaknesses - and work on ‘em. 

Shower them with appreciation (and a few gifts). 

Give them an above-and-beyond user experience they won’t forget.


Get a mega following - be the talk of the town 

Focus on outreach for free publicity. 

Create a competitive referral package. 

Make it easy for fans to spread the word.


Monetize, reduce churn, up your cash flow 

Use social experiments to find your price point. 

Expand into new markets and platforms. 

Leverage data to make your product better.


Make room for extraordinary ideas 

Break out of “groupthink” and uncover fresh perspectives. 

Motivate the team to share and collaborate. 

Sort through fresh ideas in a productive way.

“I have only gotten through the first couple THINK ones and I am very impressed.”

“I was looking for fresh ideas to spice up my family's online business. I didn't know about insights or how to use it in my marketing so this will be a huge help! I would recommend this little box of ideas to anyone that is struggling with fresh ideas about how to grow their business!”

~ Keely Allyse

“Tons of value to promote teamwork and brainstorming”

“I work as a digital marketing manager for an enterprise company and use flowjo to help inspire my marketing and curiosity. …I certainly see flowjo being super useful in my current job and even any future digital marketing roles. Would highly recommend for any beginner, intermediate or even advanced digital marketer.”

~ Zain Husain  
Digital Marketing Manager, STAPLES Canada

How People Are Using the


Spark conversations at networking events and meetups

Elevate brainstorms from a frustrating challenge into a fun, high-value activity.

Get battle-tested growth hacks to market your business - and your clients’ businesses.

“So many ideas I've never seen online anywhere else!”

“I got this and it has been so incredible to use. The fact that it gets everyone involved, the entire team, is one of the best things you can ask for as a manager. After running an agency for 7 years, I know how hard it is to get the best tools to really get your team communicating and collaborating together. I really recommend flowjo.”

~ Talia Wolf  
Founder, GetUplift.co

Portable, Actionable Tips
     - With No Shelf Life

Each card inside the flowjo GrowthHacking Box delivers a powerful, proven strategy that solves a universal business challenge. 

The tips are actionable now - but the processes you’ll find inside just make good business sense. You can dive into them, year after year, and continue generating fresh, innovative ideas for any business you’re a part of.

Get your Growth Hacking Box now for just $99 $49!

“An absolute MUST have for anyone in the growth hacking space.”

“There are so many different cards with different ideas all packaged nicely in one box. Sometimes you need to step away from the computer to get those ideas flowing and this HELPS with just that.”

~ Jake

From Flowjo Founder Tiffany DaSilva


“I’m confident you’ll get a TON of ideas to help you grow and scale your business. But if you’re not happy with your flowjo Growth Hacking Box, simply send it back to me within 30 days of your purchase. I’ll give you 100% of your money back.” 

~ Tiffany DaSilva

Get your Growth Hacking Box now for just $99 $49!

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